Robert Galsworthy 2014 Commonwealth Games

Robert Galsworthy 2014 Commonwealth Games


  • How much does it cost to Join and Train?
  • Where are you located?
  • What happens when I join?
    • You get assigned an experienced weightlifting coach who will discuss your training needs and help you get the most out of the sport.
  • What are the training times and do I need to book
    You do not need to book to train -the training times areĀ here
  • What are the group session times in your training times
    • There are no fixed group session times – once you have done your first few starter sessions you can turn up anytime during our opening times and your coach will instruct you while you are there – just do not turn up at 7.00pm šŸ™‚
  • Whats the ideal number of times to train a weekĀ and how long to it take to learn the movements
    James Norman at the 2015 World Junior Championships 69kg Class 135Kg Clean and Jerk

    James Norman at the 2015 World Junior Championships 69kg Class 135Kg Clean and Jerk

    • Initially 3-4 sessions a week are ideal while you are learning the movements – 2 is the minimum
    • It takes most people 2-3 months to learn the basics.
  • What ages do you accept?
    • 9y upwards – we especially love teachingĀ children and have special kids classes to support them.
    • See this document forĀ more information for parents
  • Do I need to pay to be coached?
    • No the standard fees cover all coaching and programming
  • Is the coaching personal or in a group?
    • If your are a beginner you will get one on one personal coaching.
    • As you progress in your skill development the coaching will be more group orientated.
  • I am from Crossfit. Can I join?
    • You are more than welcome to join and learn Olympic weightlifting at the club.
  • Do I need any special equipment?
    • Initially just some runners, a T-shirt and some shorts you can squat down in is all you need
  • Later on you may want to buy some weightlifting shoes, a belt, wrist and pulling straps and a lifting suit.
  • So I get coached one on one by some of the best weightlifting coaches in the country and train with Olympians and Commonwealth Games Gold medallists and only pay a maximum of $70 per month – whats the catch !
    • We are a non profit organisation so all our money goes back to our members so you only pay our running costs – and if you get selected for a national and international event we may even assist with your costs !
    • However we do expect you to help out when we host competitions and be part of the club
  • The club has a lot of top National and International athletes will I fit in, it all sounds rather elite?
    • You will find all the other club members are very supportive of new members – most probably you will find yourself being spotted and cheered on by an Olympian and a Commonwealth Games gold medalist !
  • How do I know if I will be any good at weightlifting ?
    Although good weightlifters come in all shapes and sizes, some of the things that can help you reach greater heights are starting young OR having past experience in one the of many other sports requiring flexibility speed and strength such as athletics, rugby, soccer,Ā  wrestling, gymnastics, sprint cycling and Crossfit and committing to regular training over a long period.
  • I am a visiting lifter from Interstate or Overseas how much do I have to pay?
    • People just visiting from another Olympic Weightlifting or Crossfit Club do not have to pay to train at Cougars
  • What are the Gym Rules?
    • The number one rule is you put away all the weights round your platform when you finish your session.
    • See here for a full listĀ gym rules
  • Whats the Club Constitution
    • See full details here
  • Do I need to Join the State Organisation?
    • If you want to have insurance cover when you train or want to compete in competitions then you will need to join the QWA – see www.qwa.org
  • A 5min movie about weightlifting at Cougars